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Over the past several years, there has been an increase in crimes, vandalism, and other quality of life issues in our residential neighborhoods. Recognizing these issues, elected officials, Kentwood Police Department Personnel and concerned citizens are planning to meet on a regular basis to discuss how to improve our residents’ quality of life. Thus began several Neighborhood Watch Groups throughout the City of Kentwood.

Neighborhood Watch is not a group of vigilantes and does not take the place of your police department. You are asked to report crimes and suspicious activities to the Kentwood Police Department. A Neighborhood Watch involves a group of concerned citizens who work together by looking out for one another. By becoming a member, you will get to know your neighbors, learn how to make your homes and property more secure, and help reduce and prevent crimes in your neighborhood. Remember if you have an emergency or you are witnessing a crime in progress call 911.

If you would like to join and/or learn more about Kentwood's Neighborhood Watch Program, please contact
Chief Michael Kazerooni or Dective Rodrick Dunn, the Neighborhood Watch Coordinators, at (985) 229-6305. You may also visit the National Crime Prevention Council website at: for additional information.

To report criminal activity or drug activity in the Town of Kentwood call the above number, those wishing to remain anonymous may do so. 

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