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Meet The Mayor

Meet The Mayor

The Honorable
Mayor Irma T. Gordon


It is a pleasure and an honor to serve as your Mayor in Kentwood, I thank God and I thank our people for the opportunity. I am committed to being a full-time mayor for our town and dedicating my time helping the Council Members and our People to make Kentwood a better place for us all to live. My main goal is to always allow God to lead and guide me in all that I do, as I strive to help improve the quality of life and the way of living for our people in all areas possible, as we strive together for more Economic Growth and Development. Because of your love, loyalty and trust, I am encouraged to press forward in all my efforts for us to be the best. With much work to be done, I am up for the challenge and I pray that we all are, because Kentwood is our town and our town certainly deserve better.

Kentwood and its people are important to me. Home is important to me and home is where my heart is. Kentwood is a great little warm town for us and retirees and has the best people in the world. It is centrally located and lies conveniently along interstate 55, the railway, highway 38 and highway 51. So, for anyone looking for a great retirement town, look no farther, Kentwood is the place. We have the best water in the world, good food, rich history, beautiful land and plenty of good fresh country air.

The Kentwood Business Community is important to us all and doing all that we can to support our businesses will enhance them and motivate the owners to do even more for our community. With prayers, dedication, togetherness and much effort, we can accomplish much, because we love home and we love our people. It is important that we are safe in our homes and while out on daily routines, so I am working hand in hand with our Police Department to make that happen. I am committed to keeping you safe, that is why the town’s ordinances will be strictly enforced in all areas, focusing on our curfew laws too.

Working together to bring in new businesses for our town is a must, we can do it, we must do it and we will do it.  But first, we must concentrate on looking neater, if we want to move forward in the areas of economic development and the growth of our town, cleaning up is a must, having peaceful and clean neighborhoods will help to bring about positive changes.

As New Elected City Leaders, we had to come in working, with unfinished town business at hand, our sleeves were already rolled. We are proud and thankful for having great city employees and city department supervisors who works hard to make sure that we provide the best services possible for our people. Our City Clerks are very efficient and dedicated they are always available to help you with your town business. We all strives to make Our Kentwood City Hall a warm and welcoming environment for everyone, be it to handle business or just to come by for a visit. Everything that has been accomplished thus far has been a team effort, with all of us working together to make it happen. Kentwood is our town and it’s will take us all to make the change happen, I invite you to come by the Mayor’s office and we can talk about what it is that you can do to help.

Let us remember that “We can do all things through Christ, which strengthens us”.

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