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Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Public Works is to deliver industry leading Public Works services that maintain and improve the Town’s infrastructure through strong community partnerships, transparent policies, and sustainable procedures utilizing a highly effective and dedicated workforce leading to increased public safety, health, and wellness for the citizens of Kentwood.

Vision Statement

Vision Statement: to ensure that all public infrastructure and improvements are designed and built in accordance with Town standards and accepted engineering and construction practices. In order to properly implement the vision statement, the Department of Public Works will:

  • Will employee and train a professional workforce
  • Utilize the best available technology and equipment for the design and improvements of the public infrastructure
  • Strive to maintain the highest level of service to our customers through active response for requests of service
  • Provide a safe and healthy community through:
    • Well-maintained streets and right-of-ways
    • A superior water supply system
    • An aggressive program to improve town sewer systems
    • An effective storm water management program.
  • Well manufactured and energy efficient city facilities
Value Statement

Dependable: Willing to commit and follow through
Loyal: For the good of the whole
Ethical: Conforming to accepted moral principles
Responsive: Promptly reacting to the needs of others
Respectful: Considerate of others


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