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Kentwood's City Officials are charged with the responsibility of preparing, maintaining, and implementing a General Plan for the growth and development of the Town of Kentwood. The General Plan consists of the Framework Element, which provides overall guidance for the future growth of the town and other townwide elements including state mandated elements such as the Transportation, Housing, Open Space and Land Use Elements.

The Townwide General Plan Framework is based on a directed growth strategy which targets residential areas, commercial growth, tranportation opportunities and land use. To facilitate the General Plan, rezoning of certain area in town is necessary to stabilize consistent growth patterns.

The Residential Area Plans are intended to promote an arrangement of land uses, streets, and services which encourage and contribute to the economic, social and physical health, safety, welfare, and convenience of the people who live and work in the Town of Kentwood.

The Commercial Growth Plans are intended to revitalize business activity along Highway 38, Highway 51 and Main St. The focus is to fill unoccupied commercial structures, build new commercial structures and boost commercial trade activity.

The General Plan is implemented utilizing a variety of tools through the application of local and state zoning regulations. We take pride in naturing our General Plan for future growth of Kentwood.



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